Extra activities = more learning and more fun! Each year we plan a series of events for children and families.

Some of these events are after hours and provide opportunities for educators, staff, children and families to get together in a more relaxed atmosphere. Many of these events are planned for children during the day while they are with us. These events provide for many opportunities. They allow for children to expand their knowledge and build on their development. They provide opportunities to link with their broader community. They often build on children’s physical skills and wellbeing and sometimes… they are for fun!

Some of the extra experiences we offer are:

  • Little Kickers
  • Hip Hop/Zumba Sessions
  • Hey Dee Ho
  • Music and movement sessions
  • Twilight BBQ
  • Easter Picnic
  • Working Bees
  • Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea
  • Book Week
  • PE Week
  • AGM
  • Christmas Picnic