Our team are highly qualified, energetic and passionate about caring for, and educating children. We encourage our team to improve their qualifications regularly, so they can deliver the best care for your children.

Our educators have qualifications from the list below

– Advanced Child Care Certificate

– Senior First Aid Certificate (all permanent staff hold a current Senior First Aid Certificate)

– Associate Diploma in Social Science: Child Care

– Bachelor of Social Science (Human Services): Child Care

– Bachelor of Education: Early Childhood

– Diploma of Children’s Services

The centre provides high educator-child ratios and small group sizes.

– 3 months to 2 years – Babies

– 2 years – to 3 years – Toddlers

– 3 years to 4 years – Junior Kindy

– 4 years to 5 years – Kindy

We have a primary care giving system here at St Morris CCC.

Primary care giving provides children and families the means to form strong partnerships by working together. The primary carer for your child will be the main point of reference for you and your child. Therefore, they will be the most knowledgeable about your child’s needs and interests. They will be the main carer for your child, but not the sole carer. At St Morris Community Childcare Centre we work together with the other educators in your child’s room to care for your child and to ensure their day is a positive experience for them and their families. We believe that primary care giving is fundamental to children developing secure attachments, fundamental to their learning,and therefore offers more opportunity for children to reach their full potential.

Communication is the key to successful relationships, so we encourage our families to talk to the educators about any concerns they may have about their children.