All the meals in the centre are prepared by our chef Nikki. Nikki has been working at the centre for many years and has created some wonderful meals for the children. Nikki aims to provide healthy, nutritious meals in line with Nutrition Australia Guidelines and Safe Eating. Meals are prepared and presented to make healthy food appealing.

Nikki has undergone training in menu planning and assessment. Our menu offers 50% of children’s daily nutritional requirements it also aims to provide a variety of flavours, textures and cultural influences. We have a 6 week cyclic menu for spring/summer and autumn/winter.

We follow the Australian Dietary Guidelines whom provide up to date advice about the amount and kinds of food that we need to eat for health and wellbeing. In 2018 Nikki created the “Family favourites cookbook” that is a recipe book containing all the children’s favourite meals.

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